6-shot Mauser Selbstlader. Courtesy Giuliano Alfinito. All rights reserved.
Mauro Baudino & Gerben van Vlimmeren - All rights reserved.
Blue Prints
Blue Prints   In the Paul Mauser archive it is natural expecting blue prints of weapons. An   interesting   surprise   is   the   availability   of   a   certain   amount   of   blue   prints   related   to   production tools.   These   blue   prints   are   definitely   interesting   providing   a   great   overview   of   the   tools   and consequently   of   the   methodology   applied   in   the   first   years   of   production   in   the   Mauser   facilities. In the next page a few samples of blue prints all dated in the 1890 - 1900 time-frame.
Sample of blue print for produciton tool. All rights reserved. Superb drawing of the C06/08 pistol. All Rights Reserved.