6-shot Mauser Selbstlader. Courtesy Giuliano Alfinito. All rights reserved.
Mauro Baudino & Gerben van Vlimmeren - All rights reserved.
Prescription of the Prof. Dr. Benno Baginsky to Paul Mauser. All Rights Reserved.
Miscellanea   This section contains all the documents that it is not possible categorizing in the previous sections. These documents, from the hotel bills up to the receipts for a medical visit, help in the day by day analysis. They   are   useful   to   reconstruct   locations   and   events;   for   example   the   restaurants   or   the   hotels   preferred   in   a certain city,the  family doctor up to the favorite shoemaker. Paul   Mauser   was   really   meticulous,   keeping   and   organizing   most   of   the   documents;   he   was   used   to   take note   on   all   kind   of   papers.   It   is   possible   finding   notes   on   the   back   of   restaurant   bills,   receipts   and   also   on   the cards   of   the   Reichstag   where   he   sit   for   National   Liberal   Party,   representing   the   "Wahlkreis   Württemberg   8" (Freudenstadt, Horb, Oberndorf, Sulz). This   aspect   of   his   personality   is   today   really   useful   permitting   the   researchers   discovering   interesting   aspect of his life. The authors select some samples of these documents:
Hotel Porta Nigra bill dated 1902. All Rigths Reserved. Paul Mauser notes taken on the back of the Porta Nigra Hotel bill in 1902. All Rights Reserved. Paul Mauser note taken on a Reichstag card in 1901. All Rights Reserved.