6-shot Mauser Selbstlader. Courtesy Giuliano Alfinito. All rights reserved.
Mauro Baudino & Gerben van Vlimmeren - All rights reserved.
Future Project. The Paul Mauser archives have already been studied by Mr. Walter Schmid who preserved them until now. Several researchers have the possibility to access to some data in accordance to the researches they were developing. For   this   reason,   a   complete   study   about   Paul   Mauser   is   not   yet   available   but   it   is   possible   to   find   information   spread   on   different   researches   covering different areas of interest of the researchers. Until   now,   there   is   not   a   project   to   publish   the   entire   amount   of   data;   in   other   words   there   is   not   a   complete   study   covering   the   different   aspects   of   the Paul Mauser life. The   authors   think   that   this   project   is   a   starting   point   to   let   other   researches   and   collectors   in   the   community   access   this   definitely   interesting   amount   of data. This web site is the first step of this long work, which will achieve in the publication of a multi-volume book containing all the archive. For   this   purpose   it   is   useful   that   the   archive,   today   shared   between   private   collections   and   institutions,   will   be   available   by   the   digitalization   and   the analysis. What   has   been   presented   in   this   web   site   is   part   of   the   authors   archive   and   collection   containing   original   Paul   Mauser   documents;   we   encourage   the others collectors and institution in sharing the information they may have with us and other collectors. Mauro Baudino & Gerben van Vlimmeren