6-shot Mauser Selbstlader. Courtesy Giuliano Alfinito. All rights reserved.
The    Paul    Mauser    private    archive    represents    a    unique    and    ir- replacable   source   of   original   documents   that   has   been   preserved until now and must be preserved for future generations. It   allows   discovering   Paul   Mauser   not   only   as   engineer   but   also   his relationships with the relatives, friends, competitors and  enemies. The   study   of   his   archive   is   a   great   adventure   for   historical   weapon researchers and enthusiasts. A   serious   effort   is   on-going   to   preserve,   digitalize   and   publish   this impressive amount of data; this web site is part of this effort. The   aim   of   this   web   site   is   providing   a   classification   of   the   different documents   that   can   be   found   in   the   archive   and   show   the   potential of this study. The   amount   of   document   prevents   the   possibility   of   using   a   web site    for    publishing    the    entire    material;    for    this    reason    another solution is foreseen and described in the “ future projects” . Read   also   Legal   &   Contact ”   for   information   about   how   contacting the    authors    and    the    policy    for    using    the    documents presented.
Mauro Baudino & Gerben van Vlimmeren - All rights reserved.
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Paul Mauser - His Life, Company, and Handgun Development 1838 - 1914
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